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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oregon weather!

We don't get snow like most of the blogs I read, but we get moisture. The picture above looks a little strange, but the little spots on the deck surface that look like rocks or maybe hail, is actually the rain drops. I mean, it just flippin' poured for about 15 minutes. The ground is saturated.

Then, an hour later, the thunder and lightening start and then the hail. It came down for quite a while, in pea-sized pellets. The ground was covered. It looked like Christmas here! The dogs were going bananas in the house whenever the thunder boomed, so I took 'em outside to play in the hail, and the thunder didn't bother them a bit.

Chica (my mini-horse) and Staci, one of our ewes, decided that they would just stay in the lean-to.


  1. That is impressive! Did you get dinged in the head??

  2. It stung my hands a few times as I was taking pictures, and the animal lean-to has a old tin roof over plywood, so the noise was deafening! What's weird is it's been over an hour and there is still a lot on the ground. Usually it melts almost as its falling.