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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday memories and traditions.

There are a lot of special memories I have of Christmas growing up (not counting the drunken relatives-hee hee). Once Christmas morning we heard a knock on the window pulled back the curtains and saw our pony. Every Christmas morning we'd belly crawl past Mom's open door to look at the tree. Most of the time she'd wake up and send us back to bed, (since it was usually 3 am or thereabouts). The best part of my memories are the things that happened every year (the Chocolate coins in the stockings, Santa eating the cookies and the reindeer eating the carrots, and potatoe soup and homemade bread for Christmas Eve dinner are just a few of them.

There a few things that are tradion here at our house to make us all feel good inside (and if I tried to change them, there would be a major rebellion.

Everyone in the house gets a stocking and gift from Santa, even Mom and Dad. The stockings are filled with odds and ends from the Dollar Store, a lottery ticket, candys, colognes, yard sale or thrift store finds, etc. Everyone says they love them (and I love it too, because since I help Santa shop, I can put in the things I really want in my own stocking!)

Another one is that all the gifts in the stockings and the gifts from Santa are always wrapped in the same kind of wrap. It must be mainly red in colors, with a realistic looking Santa Claus on it. Santa doesn't use gift tags (he's frugal, you know), instead writing the name of the recipient onto the white beard on the paper. He also doesn't put bows on the packages, because of course in the sleigh ride, they'd get squished. This makes everyone feel good, because even though the youngest member in the house is almost 15 years old, we all believe in Santa (we've even convinced the son-in-law and the boyfriend to believe also). Yes, we still leave cookies and a cold soda for Santa Claus also.

There are a few others that I have kept from my childhood, such as potatoe soup and homemade bread for Christmas Eve, and the reading of "The Night before Christmas" right before bed. Only 1 gift can be unwrapped Christmas Eve and we must wait patiently for Christmas morning, which starts later each year now that the kids are all growing up and I don't complain about that.

What are some of your special routines or traditions that make this season special for you and your family?

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  1. I think we grew up in the same house! Stockings were always my favorite thing! You could always count on chapstick, a Lifesaver book of candy, a great big candy cane and all sorts of stuff that was really just 'crap'. As we got older, my step mom stopped giving them. And yes, there was rebellion! So now, we just do 'crap bags'. That's what we call'em! Same things as a stocking without the stocking. :) She started a new tradition too! I always get one gift wrapped in a tea-towel! I LOVE IT! Doesn't even matter what's in it so long as the towel is around it!

    I don't think it matters how old you are, we always return to childhood at Christmas. Including ONE gift on Christmas Eve! Oh the joy!