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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gettin' ready for the holidays!

Wow, I don't remember ever being this far ahead on my holiday to-do list. Started with the outside lights on Thanksgiving day and finished up the last of the indoor decorations (with the exception of maybe a Poinsettia or two) today. I also mailed off one of my packages to a cousin today and am almost done with stocking stuffers (tho I admit I had lots of help from Lyndsey with those). I also have ordered quite a few gifts on-line and they should be arriving. Need to sit down with my list and check it twice and see what else I need to purchase or make. I'm doing jams/jellies and homemade goodies for friends and neighbors, so I'll start on those next week. I like to give them early so they can be enjoyed through the season.

On a different note, went out to get some firewood this morning and discovered the nasturtium seed I had planted in September had actually bloomed. Not really big or flashy, but cute and sweet all the same...

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