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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Manure, or well, eventually compost!

Wow... Just got down with 1 wheelbarrow full of rabbit manure, 2 loads of chicken bedding and manure, and 4 full of minature horse and sheep manure! Poop is a much better word for it, because that is what I am right now-POOPED! We supposedly have a doozy of a storm blowing in and I sleep better knowing my animals are all tucked in safe and sound with clean beds. My husband Steve teases me about it, but it just makes me feel good.
The mini horse, Chica, has 4 areas in the pasture she poops in, so that makes it nice and easy to clean up. One of the areas is right by the manure pile that I add to for eventual composting. I wish she'd use that one all the time. I put the chicken bedding/manure and the rabbit poop into the garden area where the chickens are right now. They spread it all out and it composts very quickly, providing nutrients for the garden.

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