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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Creative talent skipped a generation!

My mom is one of the most creative people I know... be it food, crafts, sewing, cake decorating, flower arranging, you name it, she can do it. I, however, did not inherit that talent. I don't have patience, so I hurry through and mess things up. I don't have creative vision, so I can't see what something "could be". It is very frustrating. I'm not saying I can't do things like that, but it just doesn't turn out like hers. However, her talent got shared with my daughters. All THREE of them. Grrrr!!! But honestly, I'm thrilled.

My youngest daughter, Lyndsey Faith (she'll be 15 in January) wanted earrings for the Harry Potter movie. Luna Lovegood, one of the characters, wears a pair of "Dirigible Plum" earrings (they resemble a radish) in the story. So, a week or so ago, Lyndsey walks out and says "see what I made. She'd sat down with her beads and wire and fashioned these. They look much better than what I've seen for sale on-line. I personally think she should make some to sell.

My middle daughter, Michelle Joy, who is 21, is taking art classes at Mt. Hood Community College in Portland, Oregon. She has sent me pictures of her work and I'm so impressed. I can't create anything from my mind to save my life. She recently had a project where she had to use 2000 of something and she made a cup out of coffee beans. She
can sing too, and I almost cry when she does, as it is sooo beautiful!
My eldest daughter, Kaitlyn Hope, who is 23, can make a pie crust that is out of this world in just a few minutes. and is brave enough to try new recipes and they turn out great (mine turn out so the dog won't eat 'em). She also is an Interior Engineering graduate and can draw up and visualize room designs that you wouldn't believe.
I am so proud of them all. I am glad that if the talent had to skip a generation, it skipped me! After all, three young women sharing beauty in the world is much better than one middle-aged momma!

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